Healthy While On The Go

Living in the north east, three words that can describe most of the population are “on the go” and “in a rush”. The lifestyles that a lot of people live can come in the way of reaching fitness and nutrition goals. Here are three tips to remember when you will be on the go all day and need to avoid making poor nutrition choices.

1. Pack Snacks or Small Meals

Packing food is one of the easiest ways to avoid eating junk while on the go. They can be small items that will fit right in your purse or bag. Don’t miss meals and elevate cravings for bad foods either! Pack a hot meal into a thermos and take it with you. Pack a couple ziplock bags of snacks that include nuts like almonds or cashews or slice up an apple and sprinkle cinnamon on it.

2. Stay Hydrated

Hunger can be mistaken for dehydration a lot of the time. Your body will confuse the signals when you do not drink enough. When you feel hungry satisfy that feeling by replenishing your thirst first. Drink some water and if that isn’t enough for you after a few minutes, grab one of your ziplock bags of healthy snacks.

3. Get Creative

No challenge is ever too much of a challenge for you! If you have no snacks on you, there may be somewhere that does. Don’t underestimate convenience stores! You can very likely find snacks like hummus packs, greek yogurt, trail mix, nuts, protein bars, or lean meat cold sandwiches at stores like Walgreens, Wawa, 7-11, Duane Reade, etc.


Health is wealth, keep it in mind while on the go!



Article written by GUADS staff member Breanna, with contributions from

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