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Attack of the Allergies!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year when you can start to spend more time outdoors and you no longer have to wear your parka every.single.day. However, with this warm weather also comes my seasonal spring allergies, which sometimes makes it hard for me to stay active. I can sometimes have trouble breathing which interferes with my cardio, or I want to work out outside and can’t due to triggers. I sometimes struggle with trying to decide if should workout when my allergies are acting up, or just take the day off. If I went with the latter, I’d probably find myself taking more rest days then actually getting up and getting a workout in. The good news is that it’s generally safe to workout with allergies if you have them well managed and under control. It’s recommended that you see what works for you and to listen to your body if it ever feels like too much. It can help to use a saline spray before you start your exercise to make breathing easier. Here are some tips for exercising with allergies.

Consider your backdrop

If you love running outside but have trouble with pollen, steer clear of open fields or areas with lots of grass or trees. Especially take note if it’s super windy or warm outside which can cause dust and pollen to blow around. It can also help to check the pollen count for the day and allow you to choose if you should stick indoors. Another pro tip is that pollen levels tends to be higher towards the late afternoon and evening hours while ragweed is worse at the beginning of the day.

Choose the Pool

If you find yourself not being able to stand the allergens outside one day, opt for the pool! Going to an indoor pool and being in warm, humid air can clear your sinuses and is easy on your lungs. It can be a great way to get a high intensity workout in even when you’re not feeling your best.

Exercise that promotes breathing

Practicing yoga or Pilates can help you play close attention to your breathing. Trying out hot yoga can be extra soothing and allow you to breathe freely.

Post workout

Take a hot shower and it end it with cooler water. The change in temperature can help clear out your sinuses and bronchial tract.


Even if you tend to be good about drinking water throughout the day, it can be especially important to stay hydrated during allergy season if you tend to take any allergy medications which can be very drying.


Written by GUADS staff member Emily with contributions from totalgymdirect.com



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