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Journaling for Anxiety

There are many benefits to introducing some journaling into your routine. There was a time where my mind was constantly clouded with things I had to do tomorrow, my worries, and anxiety. Sometimes these thoughts would keep me from sleeping at night too.

My Journaling Story

A few years ago, I tried journaling. I used to try to journal and then forget about it a few days later, but this time I did it consistently. I journaled before bed to get these thoughts onto paper and slowly realized that it was a way for me to get these thoughts and emotions out of my head and somewhere else. It was a way for me to let go of some of my worries and tension and reflect on next steps to tackle how to handle them. Then, as time went on it turned more positive and I was writing about things that made me happy and feel good about myself.

Where do I start?

I think one of the biggest things that people struggle with when they want to start journaling is they ask “Where do I start?”

Well, for a lack of a more specific answer: that’s truly up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to journal, and don’t be afraid of trying some different formats. Some people enjoy bullet journals, art journals, or just a stream of writing. The best way to get started is to make it your own, as you’re going to be the only one reading it!

Some people are unsure of how to begin their journaling journey, so some enjoy having a prompt, or theme of their entry. They are designed to help you get thinking and reflecting on some things you may never think about on your own.

Here are some that I have found helpful in my own journal!

  1. Dear inner critic: You always focus on things I am not doing right, but there are things I am doing right, including…
  2. My favorite quote at the moment is ____________. Here is why I love this quote…
  3. Today, I choose to be thankful for one thing. That thing is…
  4. Today, I am going to choose to have a good day. I am going to do this by…
  5. My biggest passion is _______. This is why I am passionate about it…

You could also try looking in different search engines for more prompts! There are tons of additional resources online for the journaling community.

Good luck!


Written by GUADS staff member Nicole

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