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8 Fitness Products That Actually Make A Difference

If you feel like your workout has plateaued or you just want to change up your routine, you have some options. Believe it or not, not all advertised exercise products are scams. Some actually do work! We’re going to talk about 8 fitness products that will actually make a difference during your workout.

Fitness Products

  • Foam Roller: They help release the tension from knots forming in various parts of your body as you work out. Rolling can help relieve muscle fatigue, increase flexibility/mobility, and can assist with soreness and muscle tightness.
  • Medicine Ball: These are versatile and perfect for building power. There are many different kinds of medicine balls–soft ones, hard ones, ones with handles or extra grips. It’s probably best to choose a weight that is slightly challenging rather than buying multiple weighted balls.
  • Jump Rope: Jumping rope aids in building agility and coordination while increasing stamina.
  • Resistance Band: The main benefit of using resistance bands is convenience. Bands are also easy to store and travel with and capable of a lot more variation than barbells or dumbbells. They also provide resistance throughout most movements, there are a lot more possibilities for strength building.
  • Ab Wheel: An ab wheel works by making your core muscles to work together, while also working your upper back and shoulders. It’s very important that you maintain proper form to avoid potential injury.
  • Pilates Ring: These are great for muscle toning and strengthening. It’s a versatile ring that can be used to work out your thighs, back, triceps, and glutes. Providing gentle resistance and two handles to aid control, it adds extra intensity to a range of Pilates exercises to help strengthen core and improve posture. Not bad for under a tenner.
  • Yoga Mat: Mats offer you stability and comfort. It can offer an extra cushion to help support form and movement.

Written by GUADS staff member Toni

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