At Home Tabata Workout

Well, what can I say? This is a crazy time right now. Things are starting to close down and unfortunately that means our local gyms. Don’t worry though, we at Get Up and Do Something will have you covered with a variety of at home workouts that can be done with body weight or anything that you can find at your house for weights, such as your bag of flour. Today’s workout is going to be a Tabata Workout.

Tabata Workout:

To perform a Tabata workout you will have multiple supersets to complete. Each superset will compose of 3 exercises and you will complete each set 3 times. Perform the first exercise at high intensity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest and then another 20 seconds of high intensity. After completing the second 20 seconds of high intensity then you will move on to the second exercise of the superset and so on and so forth.

For example:

Superset 1:

High knees (20 sec), 10 second rest, High knees (20 sec)

Jump squats (20 sec),10 second rest, Jump squats (20 sec)

Mountain Climber into Push-up (20 sec), 10 second rest, Mountain Climber (20 sec)

*Repeat 2 more times from the top and the move onto superset 2.

The workout:

Superset 1:

High Knees

Jump Squats

Mountain Climber into Push-up

Superset 2:


Russain twists


Superset 3:




Written by GUADS staff member Patrick.

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