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Benefits of Beach Workouts

Summer is here which means workouts can get creative. Take a break from the gym and head to the beach! The beach is a great environment for a successful workout. Not only can you break a sweat, but you can also soak up some sun and cool off in the ocean after.

There are so many benefits to adding beach workouts to your routine. 

Running and moving on the sand actually has less impact on your body. Runners and athletes are known to include these workouts to their workout regimen to decrease injury caused by excessive impact.

The sand also makes workouts more challenging because of the added resistance. Running on the sand is similar to doing a parachute or hill workout.


The workouts that can be done at the beach are endless. If you are thinking of doing a workout at the beach try doing HIIT, agility, bodyweight, strength, resistance, balance, or running workouts. The list doesn’t end there! Get creative and see how you can modify your favorite type of workout to be done at the beach.

Using less gym type of equipment will help you to focus more on functional movement. This heightens the use of your core, balance, and stabilizing muscles.

Don’t forget sun screen is necessary because you will definitely be getting a boost of Vitamin D while soaking up some sun.


The next time your vacationing near a beach or just feel like switching up your workout routine, get up and do something right at the shore!


Article written by GUADS member Breanna, with contributions from www.healthyway.com

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