Benefits of Group Exercise

Feeling like you want to workout but have no idea where to start? If you’re new to the gym or just feeling like shaking up your current fitness routine, try a group exercise class! Joining a class not only holds you accountable to a workout routine, but provides a fitness foundation for you to use for years to come. Gyms and studios have become so creative with the workouts they create. Classes can include cycling, running, weight training, yoga, Pilates, Zumba or even a mix of all!

Motivation & Accountability

With an encouraging instructor leading the class and motivated individuals surrounding you, it’s hard not to feel strong and empowered! Watching others dig deep and push harder in their workouts can be a motivating factor to push yourself a little bit harder! Additionally, signing up for a class at a specific time will hold you accountable to getting your workout in for the day with no excuses. Most studios offer classes throughout the day to accommodate a working schedule.

Form & Technique

The instructor or coach is a certified trainer that creates each workout to target specific muscle groups. He or she will not only demonstrate the exercises, but also correct your form to make sure you are executing each move safely and correctly to avoid injury. You’ll find your form getting better with each class you take and also find that your muscles will reap the most out of each exercise.


Having the ability to choose which class you want to take each day ensures you will never get bored of your routine! It’s a great way to shock your muscles and ramp your metabolism. Additionally, instructors have their own energy and music choice that adds variety to a schedule.

Fun & Socialization

The more regular you become to a class, the more familiar you’ll be with the instructors and participants. Group fitness classes are a great and effective way to get out of your comfort zone and make some new friends.  You’d be surprised how much working out bonds people!


So what’s holding you back? Give your exercise club or gym a call and see what classes they have to offer!

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