Boosting Your Bodyweight Workout

So it’s been a little over a month without our gyms, and we all might be going a little bit insane without our weights. The biggest problem with at-home bodyweight workouts is that they are probably getting pretty boring and repetitive. They also may not feel challenging enough for you. The truth is though, bodyweight exercises are a great way to maintain muscle, build muscle, and even get ripped! To achieve this, it may be simpler than you think. Here are easy ways to boost your bodyweight workout that will make you feel great about what you’re doing!

Increase Sets and Reps:

Performing the same workout over and over with the same number of sets and reps will get boring, fast. This is a subtle change that will prevent you from becoming bored and keep you challenged. The thing is, only change one aspect at a time. If you increase your number of sets from 3 to 4 keep your number of repetitions the same. Then you can mix things up by increasing the number of repetitions from 10 to 12 and keep the same number of sets. 

Add Plyometrics

In between your sets throw in some jumping exercises for 30-45 seconds. These can be jumping jacks, skaters, jump squats, burpees, or whatever you would like. Throwing these types of exercises in the mix will keep you challenged and your heart rate up. It’s a great way to burn fat and feel satisfied with your workout when you’re finished covered in sweat! 

Decrease Rest Time:

The easiest way to keep your heart rate elevated and you sweating is to decrease the amount of time that you spend not actively working. To challenge yourself more, decrease the rest time in between sets. It is a simple thing to do but you will see the results while performing your bodyweight workout. 


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