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Chest Workout Of The Day

Does it feel like your chest workouts are starting to become repetitive? Do they feel like they are at a stand still? Give this workout a try today! This is going to be a quick workout that will target your chest, triceps, and abs. To perform this workout grab a set of dumbbells of medium weight (relative to you). Each superset will consist of three exercises to be performed back to back to back without any rest in between them. Once you finish the second exercise you will go right back into the first exercise and repeat. This will fatigue the muscles quickly so make sure to grab a lighter weight than normal. When you complete the 4 rounds of each superset you will then get a 2 minute rest and move on to the next superset. Good Luck!

Superset #1: 4 sets; 10-12 repetitions

-Dumbbell Chest Press

-Tricep Kickbacks

-Abdominal Crunch (with one dumbbell)

Superset #2: 4 sets; 10-12 repetitions

-Dumbbell Chest Fly

-Overhead Tricep Extensions

-Russian Twists (with one dumbbell)

Superset #3: 4 sets; 10-12 repetitions

-Straight arm pullover

-Tricep Dips (on bench)


If you have any questions feel free to comment and we will get back to you!

Written by GUADS staff member Patrick with contributions from www.bodybuilding.com

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