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Deadlifting 101

The deadlift is one of the most beneficial exercises male or female when done properly. Deadlifting can help burn calories while building strength in your legs, glutes, back, arms and abs all while working on your stability as well. As a trainer this is an exercise I have all of my clients do pending no injuries. If you see videos on instagram you’ll see models performing Conventional Deadlifts, Sumo Deadlifts, and Hex-or-Trap Bar Deadlifts. Now you may be thinking which type of deadlift should I be performing?

Conventional Deadlifting

The Conventional Deadlift is the go to deadlift to put on size and build muscle on the posterior chain. This variation focuses on glutes, hamstrings, and back but don’t forget about your form. Stand with your feet about hip width apart and keep the bar as close to your shins as possible keeping the stress off of your back. This deadlift is for the shorter person so this may not be the deadlift of choice for you taller folks.

Sumo Deadlifting

Now here’s the deadlift for you tall folks. The Sumo Deadlift allows you to take advantage of your height using your arms to grab the bar and bend your knees less. The Sumo Deadlift will work on your posterior chain as well but not to the extent of the Conventional Deadlift. On the plus side, with the wide stance of the sumo deadlift and the external rotation of your feet you will also be working other muscles such as your adductors and abductors.

Hex-or-Trap Bar Deadlifting

The Hex-or-Trap Bar Deadlift is perfect for you athletes and taller folks out there. The Trap Bar Deadlift set-up is the same. The only difference between these deadlift variations is where the weight is set and your grip. Since the weight is no longer in front of you and is now right by your side. This will take the pressure off of your back and will work your legs. Along with the weight being by your side your quads will also get more work than the Conventional Deadlift. This deadlift works athletes in the perfect “ready” position used in most sports.


Written by GUADS staff member Patrick with contributions from www.menshealth.com


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