The Only Detoxes You’ll Ever Need

Diet culture – stop trying to make detoxes happen. They’re not going to happen!

Fun fact – did you know that your body naturally detoxes itself? And that you don’t need detox teas, apple cider vinegar shots, or any other nonsense of the like? It’s true! Your liver, for example, filters your blood and produces toxin-destroying enzymes that we ingest. Your intestines produce antibiotics that break down toxins and intruders. We might breath in toxins from the air, but our lungs are able to expel them. Even your skin provides detoxification! When you sweat, the toxins are secreted through your sweat glands. So the question is – why would we need to use detox teas if our body already naturally detoxes itself? Answer – we don’t! They’re completely unnecessary. However, there are certain detoxes that are necessary. Check out these three detoxes that you actually do need!


1. Detox Your Newsfeed

Do you ever scroll through Instagram or Facebook and immediately get into a foul mood? Same. There’s SO much negativity flowing throughout social media. Personally, I find most “fitness models” on Instagram to be extremely obnoxious. First of all, most of their bodies do not look like that IRL. Between flattering poses and Photoshop, who knows what to believe anymore! And if for some reason that certain Instagrammer really does look like that in real life, they most likely took extreme (and very unhealthy) measures to have that body. These “models” set up unrealistic expectations for society. So, it’s time to detox your news-feed! Unfollow anyone who makes you angry, annoyed, or down on yourself. Fill your newsfeed with people and pictures that make you feel happy! I suggest puppies, food, and funny memes.


2. Detox Your Room

Quick – take a peek into your bedroom. Do you still have that random assignment from freshmen year, that gum wrapper from 8th grade, and the shirt you literally never wear but might put on one day? Any of that sound familiar? Then it might be time to detox your bedroom (or house if you’re feeling gutsy)! Pick a random rainy day and get going! Get rid of anything you don’t need, don’t use, or don’t want. Donate clothes, shoes, and jackets to the Salvation Army and donate old books to the library. Out with the old, in with the new!


3. Detox Your Thoughts

This one is my favorite! It’s also probably the most difficult. Detox your mind from negative thoughts. They only create more negativity, hate, and sadness. Detox your mind from self-deprecating thoughts. Be kind to yourself! Detox your mind of jealousy, hate, and anger. Replace those feelings with appreciation, love, and forgiveness.


See? Not all detoxes are completely unnecessary! Ya just have to know which ones are legit!


Written by GUADS staff member Angelina, with body detoxification facts from


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