Dress to Impress, Yourself

A silver-lining of social distancing, for me, has been being able to stay in comfies all day, every day. But honestly, I’m starting to get tired of rotating sweatpants. I never thought this would come…or could come. I love being in comfy clothes. It was a dream-come-true for the first few weeks, but now I feel like I need to switch things up.

It’s a bit of a struggle though, I won’t lie. We’re encouraged to stay home, so why dress nice? Instead of thinking this way, let’s think about dressing to impress ourselves. To make us feel better and in turn, do better. I can’t be the only one struggling to get all of my work and school assignments finished from my bed.

Why You Should Put on “Real” Clothes

  • Productivity. This point is along the lines of priming your environment for the most success. If you know that you work best in a professional environment, try your best to make an area of your home as professional as possible. For example, I rearranged my desk to be less of a vanity and more of a work-space. I’ll also leave my laptop on my desk with my “real clothes” next to it, so once I wake up I’m forced to get up, get dressed, and get to work.
  • Work on your style. If you’ve ever been unsure of an outfit or hairstyle–whatever–to wear to work, try it now. There’s literally no one around who will judge an outfit that flops.
  • Days won’t blur together as much. By dressing up for work, you’ll be dressing for the weekdays and doing what you want on the weekends. It’ll feel more “normal”, and it’ll break up the day.
  • Comfies will actually be special again. Once you pull away from the sweatpants rotation, you’ll appreciate them all over again.

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