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Three Ways To Increase Your Creativity!

No, you do not have to be Pablo Picasso to be creative! When people are asked if they’re creative or what they do to be creative, first thought for most is arts and crafts. There are others ways to explore your creativity. Creativity is less of a trait and more of a skill, one that can be practiced at that. Research psychologist Keith Sawyer, wrote a book about the steps one can take to become more creative, and heighten your imagination. Check out these three different ways to be more creative, based on some of the steps Keith Sawyer has outlined in his book, “Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity.”

1. Ask The Right Question

Ask questions in general, curiosity is the lust of the mind, and it is important to continue questioning. To move this further and generate creativity along with knowledge, ask the right questions.

Some techniques to doing so can include:

  1. Writing down variations of the same question, without overthinking
    1. For example, instead of simply saying “How can I make the best burger spot”, you can say “What are other burger spots not doing that I can”, or “What do those buying burgers want more of.”
  2. Debug your life
    1. Little problems can be symptoms of bigger ones. Try an eliminate the little annoyances you come in contact with everyday. For example, Steve Jobs would find “little bugs” that decline a customers experience with a product.
  3. Make something, then reinterpret it
    1. Put something together, then think of new ways to use it than the original. This challenges your mind, and opens your mind to new perspectives.

Become An Expert

Hard work can indeed beat talent, and as research says in order to be world class at anything it will take 10,000 hours of practice. You have to not only like knowledge but thirst for it! Ask questions, and go beyond typical means of education. Being creative in an area takes being an expert at it first. So how can you do this?

  1. Listen to Ted Talks
    1. These are enlightening speeches made by brilliant people
  2. Get a mentor
    1. Even the most successful people you know have, or have definitely started with having a mentor
  3. Delve into subjects with all of you
    1. If you want to learn about a country, don’t just look it up. Go out and actually taste the food, listen to the music, dance the dance, and speak the language. Use every sense possible.

Be Open & Aware

Mindfulness to some is just a trend, but it is actually a practice that makes many of those that are so successful, successful. Be open to being more curious, open, aware, and not judging based on expectations you have previously established in your mind

  1. Create your own luck
    1. Those that say that they are lucky are more curious, leading them to act more on unexpected opportunities and network better with people. They basically find their own luck, unlike those that tend to call themselves unlucky. Having the mindset of someone that is unlucky tends to concentrate your focus on narrow goals, and miss opportunities.
  2. Don’t let accidents annoy you
    1. Many inventions were found due to accidents. Explore these accidents, rather than letting them let you down.


These are just three of the twenty-five steps you can take to becoming more creative. Check out the article this information was based off of, or Keith Sawyer’s book mentioned in the introduction to get more information! What will you do today to generate a more creative, and more successful you?



Article written by GUADS staff member Breanna, with contributions from Inc.com


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