Get Moving During Social Distancing

So, by now, we’re all aware that we should be practicing social distancing. That’s fine and all, except gyms and other fitness centers, are closing. How can we stick to our workouts or health goals without a facility to complete them at?! We may not be completely out of luck. Firstly, there’s always a way to get moving right in your house. Secondly, the weather is beginning to be on our side again–it’s getting warmer! Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t ever leave your house. You just need to be mindful of your surroundings and who else is there with you. Regardless, I’m going to focus on some things that you can do alone to continue exercising during social distancing.

How to Get Moving All By Yourself

  1. Your backyard is your best friend. This is already a space you own, so you know it’s safe. Even if you just want to sit outside with a book, getting some much needed (and missed) sun is beneficial. If you’re looking to exercise, try at-home yoga–you can follow along to a YouTube video for some extra guidance. You can walk around, jog, stretch or even do a full-on workout if you want. Just try not to stay buried in bed all day, every day binge-watching the latest Netflix series (although tempting-I know).
  2. Long walks, hikes, etc. Again, social distancing doesn’t mean that you can’t leave your house, it just means you should probably avoid large crowds. So taking a long walk at a local trail or hiking spot is perfect! If you need some extra company, bring your pup with you.
  3. Free at-home workout services. Again, our best friend, YouTube is really helping us out during the social distancing phase. A lot of companies are posting videos to their site that walk you through full workouts. Most of them require no equipment, so you won’t miss out on anything. Here are some I found:
    1. STRONG by Zumba: they have options for 7, 20, and 30-minute workouts.
    2. YMCA 360: they offer a bunch of 15-minute workouts you can do right at home.
    3. Stretch and Grow of the Rockies (Brain Breaks): this one’s for the kids. They offer 10-minute videos that incorporate yoga poses, breathing techniques, and various exercises that are age-appropriate.

Written by GUADS Staff member Toni 

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