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Get Those Steps In!

The shift from laborous jobs to desk jobs has been increasing for some time now. The majority of people’s days look something like this: commuting to work, working at a desk, sitting for lunch, working at a desk some more, commuting back home, and then unwinding (probably by watching tv or a movie). A 9-5 job takes up most of the day and it can be difficult to find time to exercise in between. It’s time to get creative in order to get those steps in!

Benefits of Walking:

  1. Improves Mood
  2. Reduces Stress
  3. Fights Fatigue
  4. Improves Fitness
  5. IT’S FREE!!!

Get Up & Get Moving:

Easy Starts: Commuting to Work

  1. If you live close enough to work, walk or bike there.
  2. If you take the bus, get off a stop or two early.
  3. If you drive, park as far away from the building as you can.

Throughout the Day:

  1. Set hourly reminders: doing this is good for your body and mind. You can get steps in while refocusing your mind. Your eyes probably need a break from your computer screen, and your legs need to loosen up. A quick walk outside or even a lap around the office will have your body thanking you later.
  2. Don’t eat at your desk: even if you’re just walking to go sit somewhere else, it’s still beneficial. Taking a small walk after eating will also help you fight that post-lunch slump.
  3. Make walking meetings: If you need to talk with a colleague, don’t email them. Walk over to them, and take a walk to discuss the matter at hand.
  4. Use the far bathroom: maybe this isn’t convenient if you really have to go, but it’s another way to get some extra steps in.
  5. Take the long way: when you’re coming into work, leaving work, or have a meeting on another floor, take the stairs. This quick, mental break will help prepare and refocus for the next thing you have to do.

Written by GUADS staff member Toni with contributions from www.posturite.com

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