Get Yourself a Quarantine Buddy

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but lately, quarantine has been getting to me. I’ve had enough “me time” and I’m missing seeing my friends and family more than usual. During this time it’s no surprise that we’re starting to feel lonely. (I’m going to assume it’s not just me so I feel better lol). Even with the ability to Facetime or Zoom whenever it can be hard to round all of your friends together and dedicate some time to catching up. And honestly, sometimes it’s hard to make yourself set aside time too.

The Importance of a Quarantine Buddy

Having a quarantine buddy whether it be your best friend or a group of friends, is super important. I mean who doesn’t love talking to their friends, joking around and catching up? These kinds of conversations and interactions can really help take your mind off of school, work, or the situation we’re all in. Even if you need to vent about school or work, that’s what your friends are there for and you’ll definitely feel better getting whatever’s stressing you out off your chest.

Aside from feeling like your having normal conversations again, you’re going to still feel involved in your friend’s lives (and the same for them). Everyone likes to know they have some support and are cared for!

Ways to “Meet-Up”

  1. The easiest and convenient way: Facetime. If you already have a group chat going, you can Facetime all of your friends at once. I think group Facetime can hold up to 6 people.
  2. The hands-free way: Zoom. Holding a zoom “meeting” with your friends allows you to have all your friend’s faces on your laptop. You can see them better and as long as there are no wifi issues, it’ll be a good time.
  3. The fun virtual hangout way: House Party. This is a separate app that’s pretty similar to Facetime, but you can play games with everyone you’re talking to. So if you guys don’t have anything you want to talk about, and just want to hang out, this would be perfect!

Written by GUADS Staff member Toni


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