Got A Kink in Your Neck?

Let’s face it-as students and office workers, we’re sitting entirely too much. Sitting all day not only increases risk for obesity, but also puts majority of the working population at risk for back pain, poor posture, leg cramping and tense muscles. Here are a few simple exercises you can do to relieve that annoying kink in your neck.

First things first

Sitting up tall, pretend there is a string extending from the top of your head that is pulling your spine upwards. This will improve your posture and get you in the proper position to begin your stretching. If you find yourself slumping throughout the day, be sure to check back in to this position and bring yourself upright.

Neck Tuck

This is a simple, yet effective move to strengthen the neck muscles. Tuck the chin slightly in and slide your head towards the back of the spine. It should look kind of silly, almost as if you’re making a “double-chin.” Hold it for a few seconds and repeat it about 10 times.

Upper Shoulder and Neck Stretch

While relaxing the shoulders, tilt your head and neck to one side and look down at the knee. Gently take your hand and lightly pull the neck in the direction your head is tilted. You should feel the stretch down the side of your neck and into the upper back.

Shoulder Rolls

Simply roll the shoulders forward a few times to loosen them and then again in the opposite direction. The tops of your shoulder should remain relaxed. Perform about 15-20 rolls in each direction.  

These simple stretches will help you maintain a healthy spine, improve your posture and prevent neck injuries down the line. Give them a try next time you’re at your desk for a long period of time!

Written by GUADS intern Lindsey with contributions from

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