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Health Trend: Oat Milk

Everyone is “going green” for 2019. Some of the newest up and coming health trends include anything green, sustainable, and plant-based. This includes our choices in milk.

60 Percent

60 percent of the US population are moving to more plant based products, and 60 percent are using dairy alternatives!

What type of milk you should drink continues to be a great debate in the world of health and wellness. Research has been conducted to answer questions such as, “Is cow milk healthy for humans to consume?”, “What type of milk has the greatest nutrition content?”, “Is oat and nut milk really milk or a combination of chemicals?”, and more.  Results have shown pros and cons to the different types, but the answer of what is best for you really comes down to the individual.

Oat Milk

Almond milk became a hit when nut milks hit the shelves, but the new and popular dairy alternative is oat milk. Oatly, the market leader for oat milks, had to up their production by 1,250 percent just to meet massive demands for oat milks.

This type of milk has properties such as not having the nutty taste that nut milk has and a creamy texture that consumers love!

Again, everything has its pros and cons. Glyphosate is a herbicide used by farmers to regulate plant growth, ripen fruit, and kill weeds. This chemical compound has been said to cause some cancers. Oat milk isn’t tested for this compound, but some oats tested were found to have glyphosate on the products. No such thing as perfect right?



Article written by GUADS member Breanna, with contributions from wellandgood.com

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