How Long Will It Take Me To Get In Shape!

If you are reading this, you have most likely fell for a “six pack in six weeks” type of trap at least once. But no worries! This honestly happens to the best of us. Many of us, when looking to get in shape, would love for the process to be as quick and as painless as possible. This unfortunately is not the case. Getting in shape is a process and a journey, which means it is going to take time. Also, along with this time will come different challenges. Growth and change doesn’t occur in comfortable situations right?

Research has shown that even those in a position where their genetics allow them to reach that ending a little faster than most, getting in shape still takes a significant amount of time.


Goals are one factor that need to be taken into consideration when thinking about how long it will take to get into shape. There is no general definition for what it means to be in shape. For example one may define a marathon runner or a wrestler as in great shape. These two cannot be compared, because they are in two different types of shape. So whether you would like to run a 5k, lose body fat, lose weight, or get stronger “how long” all depends on ¬†your goals.

You will also tend to see more internal as well as mental changes, before any physical changes are seen. Within the first two weeks someone may notice cardiovascular changes, or even changes in motivation and production.

Factors Affecting Fitness

No, there is no general definition of what “in shape” means, but yes there are general guidelines to what can affect getting into shape. For example the type of exercise you are doing, and what level of fitness you are beginning at matters. It is seen that beginners tend to see quicker results, because their body needs less stress to be challenged. What you put into your workout will also determine what you get out of it! If you are putting in “halfway” effort, then expect “halfway” results.

Remember when I mentioned that “growth and change does not happen in comfortable situations”? Well growth and change does not happen in comfortable situations. If you are feeling comfortable during your workouts, you are most likely not going to advance as quickly as someone who is not. Higher intensity will definitely yield greater results, but for beginners it is most beneficial to work your way up to this level.


Set your goals, put in the work, be patient, and expect great results!



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