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How to “Undiet”

Fad diets have become extremely popular for rapid weight loss. They are often nutritionally unbalanced and ineffective for sustainable weight loss. Nutritionists are now finding that the healthiest new diet might not be a diet at all. Meghan Telpner, author of “UnDiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health,” explains that an undiet approach is all about finding a sustainable diet that works for each individual person.

Tuning In

Undieting is based on the premise that every individual should be aware of the quality of the food they are consuming, while tuning in to how they feel on a regular basis. Rather than counting calories and reading labels, undieting is looking for ingredients that are minimally processed and cooking with foods that are packed with micronutrients. It doesn’t require a list of foods that are off limit and emphasizes that you keep your food list simple and short, changing it each week. Traditional dieting can be quite stressful, and this approach may alleviate some of the stress that accompanies weight loss.

Healthy Relationship with Food

Undieting reduces the guilt or shame that many individuals feel when they consume something that is considered “unhealthy.” Rather than cutting out certain foods, the undiet approach focuses on food as nourishment for the body and does not designate one food as “good” or “bad.” The simple list of food should be food that you like and food that also contributes to good health.


The undiet approach focuses on very few, simple guidelines. Experts explain to eat less than you think you need from a simple list of foods. This limits your weekly grocery list, leading to less food waste and frivolous spending. A small plate is suggested for all meals as a tool of limiting excessive serving sizes. Additionally, the approach emphasizes moving at least one hour every day by doing something you enjoy. It does not have to be a planned workout, rather it can be a walk at the end of the day, playing a sport or going for a simple bike ride.

The “Undiet” Approach may seem like common sense to some of us, but most individuals have gotten so caught up in the diet culture, they have forgot how to simply listen to their body and eat. In summary, when you eat, just eat.

Written by GUADS intern Lindsey with contributions from besthealthmag.ca

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