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It’s Getting Hot In Here!

What do you get when you engage your mind, body, soul, and a little heat? Hot yoga. Getting overall benefits of strength, flexibility, stress reduction, mindfulness, while also getting an amazing sweat. Hot yoga is even a great form of more subtle cardio. Still not sold? Here are some reasons that may be stopping you from doing hot yoga, and some ways to combat them!

It’s Too Hot

Some are worried about the heat and it being too hot. When doing hot yoga there are different types. Bikram is the more intense version of hot yoga where temperatures are over 100 degrees minimum. Normal hot yoga will range between temperatures of 92 to 98 degrees since anything over body temperature can be too much. (Tip: getting to the room about 15 minutes before the class actually starts can help give your body some time to adjust to the new temperature)

I’ll Slip From The Sweat

Towels, towels, towels. You’ll notice many if not all in the room will have a towel with them to wipe off their sweat during the class. You can also use the towel to wrap around the limb that is sweaty for support. Also, a yoga towel is a great investment for these classes. They lay right over your yoga mat to prevent slipping on sweat. Don’t be afraid of the sweat. Our skin is the largest detoxing organ on the body, let those toxins go!

Won’t I Get Dehydrated?

One major prep for hot yoga is to hydrate. Make sure you are adequately hydrated the day before, and the day of taking the yoga class. During class take gulps of water as necessary. Again, during the class through the sweating detox process your body is not only losing water but electrolytes as well. Not only to continue the detox process, but make sure to also get those electrolytes back and get your hydration level back to where it should be. After class grab an electrolyte drink, lemon water, cucumbers, watermelon, or dark leafy greens.

I Don’t Want To Overstretch

Heat will not only warm the body, but it will warm your muscles as well (there’s a difference between being warm, and your muscles being warm). The increase in blood flow to your muscles makes them more pliable, and makes you less likely to get injured.

Nope, Not Sweating In Public

This is one major concern of doing hot yoga. Usually once people are in the class for ten minutes they notice that this is nothing to worry about. People in the class will actually be more concerned with those that are sweating very little or not at all, than those in a pool of sweat. (Still worried, bring extra towels. Just know the more you wipe your sweat the more your body will perspire)

It’s Just Too Much

You need to put a little stress on your body to develop, to grow, become stronger, and improve. Don’t push yourself past your limits, but pushing yourself is always a good thing. Doing these movements help to improve range, makes activities of daily life easier, increases your mental focus, improves your balance, makes you stronger, and the list just continues to go on!

Look up hot yoga studios in your area, and check it out! 

If you do have any sort of medical condition (i.e heart problems) or in a state where you have limits (i.e pregnant) make sure you consult with a doctor before taking a hot yoga class, or engaging in physical activity at all!


Article written by GUADS member Breanna, with contributions from www.webmd.com

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