It’s World Television Day–Let’s Turn It Off

You heard me right. Turn off the TV. It’ll be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. I know it’s supposed to be TV’s day, but don’t we watch enough TV without dedicating a whole day to it? So for this World Television Day, I’m challenging you to turn off the TV, and get up and do something.

What is there to do instead?

There’s a ton of things you can do besides watch TV–here’s a handful of ideas.

  1. Read a book
  2. Go to a museum
  3. Listen to music
  4. Watch the sunset or sunrise
  5. Yoga
  6. Play with your pet
  7. Ride your bike
  8. Hike
  9. Go camping
  10. Have a picnic
  11. Cook/bake
  12. Pick up around the house
  13. Spend time with friends and family
  14. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile
  15. Volunteer

There’s so much to do rather than watch TV all day. Take advantage of your time today and be present. Taking a break from electronics and screen-time can be beneficial for your overall physical, mental, and emotional health. With the constant distraction of our TVs, phones, laptops, and tablets, it can be easy to forget about ourselves and those we care about. So it’s important to make a conscious effort towards upholding relationships with others and ourselves.  Taking time for yourself or spending time with friends and family can help you get in a good head-space. Spending time in nature, outside, or quietly indoors can also help you “reset”. Today, take whatever time you need for you and enjoy your TV-free day!

Written by GUADS staff member Toni

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