Hi everyone! Meet Jamie. She’s a health promotion graduate student here at UD.

A little bit about her:

  1. Favorite Healthy Foods: she loves whole foods in general. There isn’t a vegetable that she’s met, and didn’t like. But her favorite healthy foods would have to be roasted cashews, scrambled eggs with salsa avocado, coconut or peanut butter anything, pulled pork, sweet potatoes, and salads.
  2. Favorite Unhealthy Foods: Cheese! Especially cheese enchiladas (the more authentic, the better). Her favorite fast food is the cheesy gordita crunch from Taco Bell. She loves anything with mint and chocolate, making mint chocolate chip ice cream the obvious choice here.
  3. How Does Jamie “Get up and Do Something”: She loves being active and finds it more enjoyable when she’s with her friends. She does CrossFit at a local gym and enjoys participating in CrossFit competitions. She loves running, hiking, and mountain biking too. She lives on the Elk River in Maryland, so during the summer, she kayaks a lot. Lately,  she’s been taking her dogs for a lot more walks.
  4. Her Personal Health Goals: Jamie’s always learning and looking for ways to improve her health as a whole. She’s relatively fit and eats a nutrient-dense diet, but more recently, she’s been researching and incorporating better sleep and mindfulness habits.

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