Hi everyone! Meet Kelly. She’s a health promotion graduate student here at UD.

A little bit about her:

  1. Favorite Healthy Foods: Roasted veggies, large batches of healthy soups (especially in the winter), really big salads, fruit smoothies, almond and peanut butter
  2. Favorite Unhealthy Foods: Just about any homemade dessert, wine, cheese, ice cream, pizza, pasta, and chocolate!
  3. How does Kelly “Get up and Do Something”:  She works out almost every morning before everyone else wakes up after meditating for 20 minutes. She also gets lots of exercises keeping up with my four kiddos – lots of housework like cleaning, cooking, and laundry keep me from sitting down much when she’s at home.
  4. Her Personal Health Goals: Her goal is to maintain a healthy weight, practice self-care, and be generally health-conscious throughout her entire life. She strives for a balance between enjoying indulgences and being mindful of my physical and mental health. She believes that the mind is a powerful tool that it needs to be exercised and nurtured along with the physical body in order to maintain overall wellness.

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