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Why You Should Live on Campus for the First 2 Years (or longer) of College

The first year of college is crucial for developing connections and creating social interactions. It is the first-time individuals are living on their own, all while having a community of people in the same boat as them. Floor events, free food, and nightly hang outs with their floor all come with the perks of living on campus. So why do people often move off campus after their freshman year?


Many students that are involved in Greek life want to live in the Frat/Sorority houses or with their brothers and sisters. Others just do not want to be tied down by the rules and regulations the RA and building coordinators place on them. However, that little bit of extra freedom does not outweigh the advantages of living in a dorm for the first two years.

Social Community

Many people who live off campus following their freshman year, miss out on meeting many people who share their same interests. As people grow older, they can see how much they have changed since freshman year, which will also determine the people that stay in their friend group. The people they meet freshman year will not always be the people they share similarities with in the long run. Growing up in a more social community will not only expand their social circle, but it will also allow them to find out more about who they are and what kind of people they like to hang out with.

Study Buddies

Moreover, the people living in the building may also be in similar classes and would be willing to make study groups before big exams. This is incredibly convenient since they are all under one roof.


Going back to connections, the RAs have been trained to provide important information and events that are occurring on campus such as career fairs and other miscellaneous things. They often know leaders and campus representatives very well and have the resources available to help people succeed.

Less Maintenance

While living in a house off campus, people may have more room than a dorm, but that extra living space will need to be cleaned up constantly. When living in a dorm, that luxury of clean bathrooms, hallways, and study rooms is provided. Another luxury includes the meal plan that often comes with the housing and board fee. Not having to worry about what to cook is a huge stress reliever, especially as a busy college student.


To conclude, I have lived on campus for the past 3 years of my college career, and it was one of the greatest decisions I have made. The connections, free food, fun events, much needed luxuries, and the amazing people have made my years here worthwhile. I could grow as an individual, and my surroundings truly did shape me into who I am today.


Written by GUADS guest writer Salma


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