Hi everyone! Meet Meg. She’s a health promotion Ph.D. student here at UD.

A little bit about her:

  1. Favorite Healthy Foods: popcorn, apples, avocados, veggie pizza, colby jack cheese sticks, dark chocolate with almonds
  2. Favorite Unhealthy Foods: strawberry pop tarts, mint chocolate chip ice cream, any type of fried potato (french fries, curly fries, hash browns, loaded potato skins, chips, latkes, Arby’s potato cakes)
  3. How does Meg”Get up and Do Something”: Her dog, Jetta, helps keep her active every day! There’s nothing worse than those sad puppy eyes, so they try to walk or run for about 20-30 minutes every morning. Sometimes they play lacrosse (a glorified game of fetch) in the backyard, which gives them both a chance to run around and try to juke the other out. Jetta also loves to play tug of war, so most nights she gets the chance to work arms, back, and shoulders with a 60 lb. pitbull providing resistance from the other end of a rope.
  4. Her Personal Health Goals: I’d like to live to be 100, so I try to keep both my body and mind healthy. Every day she tries to…
    • be active (even if it’s just for ten minutes)
    • eat a balanced diet (which includes a couple “cheat foods” every now and then)
    • read (I love to learn new things, whether it’s trivia or a new skill)
    • watch an episode of The Office (because sometimes you just need more Michael Scott in your life)

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