My Review of OrangeTheory Fitness

My wife has been a member of OrangeTheory Fitness for about 6 months now, and she is in love with it. She comes home each day and loves sharing with me about what exercises they did, what type of workout they did, and how difficult or easier the class was. So, she has been asking me to take part and try an OrangeTheory Fitness class with her, and I have finally done one. As an Elite Personal Trainer myself, here is my review of the OrangeTheory Fitness Class.

What’s First?

Before you take part in your first class you will fill out a waiver like any other gym. You will also fill out information about what your goals are, your fitness background, and what you would like to accomplish. Next, an OrangeTheory Coach will quickly take you through the treadmills and rowers to show you how to use the machines, and then you dive in. Before the workout begins, when you walk into the studio you will grab a card with either a treadmill or a rower and a number. This tells you whether you are starting on the treadmill or the rower and which number to be on.

The Workout.

The workout is broken down into 2 groups, a cardio block and a strength training block. I began on the rower which means I started the workout on the strength training block. In the strength block you will perform a circuit of exercises for a specific number of repetitions and sets for 2-3 complete rounds. The exercises will be a combination of muscle building and ab exercises while the coach walks around checking form and making corrections if needed. Rowing is also incorporated to keep your heart rate elevated during the strength block keeping this a HIIT workout.

After about 20-25 minutes we switched and I began the cardio block on the treadmill, which lasted another 20-25 minutes. The coach will be giving you directions throughout the cardio block telling to increase/decrease your elevation, speed, or both at the same time for a specific amount of time.

My Review.

Overall I found the class to be completely enjoyable. It is a fast paced class that allows you to work at your own levels and intensity. For me, the strength training block was a little on the easy side for the type of strength training that I do on a daily basis, but the cardio block was amazing. The cardio pushed me to do things that I normally don’t do on my own, and I was drenched in sweat by the end.

OrangeTheory Fitness is perfect for anyone, male or female, beginning their exercise journey, who isn’t comfortable lifting weights, wants to increase their cardio, but hates doing it on their own, or simply likes being told what to do like my wife. These classes will push you, build your knowledge and you will see the results, as I can see them in my wife.  As a personal trainer, it is great to see her begin lifting weights and getting more out of this than being a member at a local gym and just doing cardio.


Lastly to answer the question of: Would I go again? The answer is, yes.

Follow up next week with her review of OrangeTheory Fitness.


Written by GUADS Staff member Patrick. 

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