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New Year, New Goals, New You.

First off, Happy New Year everybody! Many New Year Resolutions revolve around fitness which is great! If you are a beginner to exercise though you may be wondering where to begin? First off, being unsure on how to approach fitness and lacking confidence is normal for beginners. These tips will help you begin your fitness journey, giving you the confidence to conquer your New Year, New Goals, and New You.

Baby Steps

As you begin your journey towards a healthier you, set small goals that are attainable and build off of them. Accomplishing these small goals will build confidence. As you complete these goals set new goals that will help you achieve your end goal. You may also not want to jump right into 6 days a week at the gym. Start off with 2-3 days a week and build off of that to prevent burn-out and fatigue.


Yes, I said rest. Rest is just as important as your workout days. This will allow your body to recover from those intense workouts. Through recovery your muscles will rebuild and become stronger as it prepares itself for your next workout. So make sure you take a couple days to simply rest. If you want to stay active on your rest days, go for a walk, run around and play with your kids or dog, or maybe even join a recreational kickball team to remain active.

Make It Fun

Exercise doesn’t have to be about lifting 1,000lbs, running marathons, or winning fitness competitions in the gym. Finding something that you enjoy is just as important. Making fitness enjoyable will build consistency and make yourself more accountable. If you don’t like lifting weights by yourself then don’t. Group Fitness classes are great for making new friends and getting a great workout in.


Have a Great 2020 Everyone!


Written by GUADS staff member Patrick. 

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