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Operation “Land Your Dream Job”

Everyone fantasizes about their dream job. A job that feels less like a chore and more like a passion – right? But how do you go about finding, and landing for that matter, the perfect job? What seems like a simple task can be stressful and nerve-racking. However, with the proper guidance, that dream job can become reality.

Tip #1: Base Your Resume for the Job You’re Applying For

No, you don’t need to rewrite your whole resume for each job you apply for. You do, however, want to make a few edits here and there. First, review what the company is looking for. This comes from taking a peak at the job description. As you’re reading through, jot down the major keywords and phrases that jump out to you. Then, examine your own resume. If you possess the skills and keywords listed, make sure you mention them in your own resume.

Tip #2: Perfect Your Resume

Nobody’s perfect? Sure. But your resume needs to be. This means no typos! Your grammar and spelling should be on point. I recommend having 3-4 peers read it through to double check your work. It should be visually appealing and preferably one page. Keep in mind that during the hiring process, hundreds of applicants might be reviewed. You want to stand out and pack a punch in the least amount of words possible.

Before the interview…

Tip #3: Keep in Mind – You will be Stalked (aka your employer will Google you)

Make sure you keep your social media pages clean! They should be a positive reflection of yourself and should reflect your personal brand. So please, lay off the party pics.

Tip #4: Do Your Research

You should know the company (or place of employment) like the back of your hand. Their mission statement, vision, programs, etc. Fun fact: 47% of employers have eliminated prospective employees because they had no knowledge of their company. Bottom line? Go into the interview ready to express your knowledge.

During the interview…

Tip #5: Dress the Part

This is an obvious one. You don’t want to walk in there looking like a slob. Here’s another fun fact: 70% of employers say they have eliminated potential employees because they dressed too trendy or fashionable. And it’s OKAY to ask about dress code before the interview.

Tip #6: Bring Copies of Your Resume

Don’t assume the person you are interviewing with has received/looked at your resume. Bring a few copies (in a folder) just in case.

Tip #7: Ask Questions!

You want to act interested and enthusiastic! You can ask, “Who is your ideal candidate for this position?”, “What is your management style like?”, or “What is this job position’s day to day like?” This shows your interest in landing the job.

After the interview:

Tip #8: Send a Follow Up

Send a short follow up email to your future (hopefully!) employers thanking them for their time. Make sure you include a small, personal detail relating to something you discussed in person.


Written by GUADS staff member with contributions from thebalancedcareer.com, robertwalters-usa.com, and creativelive.com

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