Delaware Coalition for Healthy Eating and Active Living

DE HEAL reverses the rising tide of obesity and chronic diseases among Delawareans by facilitating opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating.

The Delaware Coalition for Healthy Eating and Active Living (DE HEAL) is a network of over 70 organizations and 200 individuals that provide statewide leadership and serve as a catalyst for policy, environmental, and systems changes that aim to prevent obesity through healthy eating and increasing physical activity throughout Delaware. As the central forum for obesity prevention in Delaware, DE HEAL provides advice and support to state and local government agencies, community and state organizations/agencies, employers, healthcare practitioners, and schools regarding their roles in preventing obesity as facilitators of opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating.

Additionally, the DE HEAL facilitates collaborative partnerships among interested agencies and organizations to carry out recommended obesity prevention strategies. The DE HEAL focuses on opportunities to prevent obesity utilizing environmental, policy, and systems change strategies in various settings. These settings include: schools, healthcare, work-sites, community institutions, community design, the built environment, and social marketing.

Heart Truth Delaware

  • Primary Care Physician professional education and training to improve clinical processes for the prevention, assessment, and treatment of cardiovascular disease for women in our state.
  • Facilitate clinical and behavioral interventions for primary care providers in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties.
  • Communication of services and events of local health providers and community health programs for improved referral processes.

The campaign is especially aimed at women ages 40 to 60, the time when a woman’s risk of heart disease starts to rise. But its messages are also important for younger women, since heart disease develops gradually and can start at a young age-even in the teenage years. Older women have an interest too—it’s never too late to take action to prevent and control the risk factors for heart disease. Even those who have heart disease can improve their heart health and quality of life.

Healthy HENS University of Delaware

Healthy HENS provides preventative student health screenings, wellness promotion services and a variety of campus-wide-activities and educational outreach efforts that encourage Healthy Exercise Nutrition and Sleep.

  • Identify, educate and assist all students in need of health and wellness services to promote lifestyle change with regard to improving student exercise, nutrition, and sleep
  • Assist you in meeting your personal goals through the support of health-care professionals and peer interactions
  • Foster lifelong healthy behaviors that will aid you in improving self-esteem and body image and chronic disease prevention.

Urban Bike Project of Wilmington

Our Mission is to serve the community’s needs by educating and promoting cycling as a safe, practical, cost-efficient mode of transportation. Our facilities provide a means for the public to become more self-sufficient both in bicycle maintenance and transportation. We work to foster a greater sense of awareness in motorists, pedestrians, and the community at large.

Delaware Greenways

Delaware Greenways (DGI) is a statewide, community-based organization, specializing in natural and scenic resource protection and sustainable land use to improve quality of life and promote healthy and active lifestyles. Delaware Greenways has established and currently oversees the management of three of the state’s byways, numerous multi-use trails and linkages across the state, and we have expanded the scope of our work to cover community economic development, community wellness, eco-tourism and locally grown foods programs. We believe that the addition of these, our most recent initiatives, will help further our community focused mission of protecting community resources and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Sussex County Child Health Promotion Coalition

The Sussex County Child Health Promotion Coalition exists to engage the entire community in collaborative family-focused effort to improve the health of children and youth in Sussex County.

Nemours Health and Prevention Services

Nemours Health and Prevention Services is a non-profit organization that works with families and community partners to help children grow up healthy. Its goal is to effect long-term changes in policies and practices that promote child health and to leverage community strengths and resources to have the greatest impact on the most children.

Cancer Care Connection

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, they are faced with many questions and concerns. Where do you begin? What questions do you ask? What sources are reliable and trusted? Although information about a cancer diagnosis and treatment is usually provided to patients and their families, information about social, lifestyle, and financial concerns is often lacking or inadequate. Cancer Care Connection can help.

Since 2001, Cancer Care Connection has been helping people make well-informed decisions through professional coaching, personalized information and resource connections. We provide support, information, guidance, referrals to needed services and assistance coping with cancer-related distress. We are here to listen, answer questions and provide the information needed throughout the cancer journey.

Cancer Care Connection is a nonprofit service organization located in Newark, Delaware. Our free public service is available to people who are affected in any way by all types of cancers. Because our service is phone-based, we are able to help people throughout the Delaware Valley and the United States.

For more information about Cancer Care Connection, please visit our website at or call us at 866-266-7008.