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Protein Bars: Yay or Nay?

Am I the only one that cannot stand the taste of a protein bar but still for some reason eats them? They’re a great grab and go snack easy snack for a long day. This doesn’t mean that they always taste good. I did some digging to see what the best protein bars are and what some better tasting alternatives are.


There are benefits to eating protein bars, especially if you exercise regularly. They’re an easy way to get at least about a third of your daily protein requirement in. Most protein bars are full of fiber. This means that one can keep you full and satisfied for hours at a time. They can be a great snack between meals (think that mid-day crash), or as pre-workout fuel. 

Watch out For

Protein bars are known for making false claims such as “all natural” and “sugar free.” But buyer beware: these claims usually mean that the bar is filled with fake sugars and loads of chemicals. Bars without these claims can still be stuffed with unwanted sugars and fats. Remember that these companies are likely making the bars look like they taste a lot better on the box than they do in real life. Be sure to check out the nutrition label, and don’t just go by how it looks on the box.

Reach for this

Instead, look for bars that have less ingredients. The RX Bars are known for having all their ingredients listed on the front of the package. Safe to opt for bars that have whole foods in their ingredients such as real nuts and dark chocolate. Other protein bars with a good rep are Kind Bars, Cliff Bars, and Luna Bars.

Written by GUADS staff member Emily with contributions from eatthis.com

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