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Ringing in the New Year with Better Food Choices

As we prepare for the New Year, most of us are left deciding if we even want to take part in resolutions this year. I get it. Making resolutions is hard (and a little frustrating) because most of the time we can’t stick to them for more than a month. Well, let’s change that this year. Let’s all ring in the New Year by making better food choices.

Easy and Doable Foodie Resolutions

It’s important to understand that change is hard, but by focusing on smaller goals first, you can create solid habits that allow you to then tackle bigger goals. These resolutions will vary from person to person, so focus on a goal that works best for you.

  1. Drink more water. Odds are; none of us are drinking enough water. Sometimes thirst can mask itself as hunger, so staying hydrated can help you eat when you’re actually hungry.
  2. Make all your sides fruits or veggies. This can apply to when you eat at home or when you eat out. Replacing sides like fries and chips with fruits and veggies is a smaller and more attainable goal that will still benefit your health.
  3. Take away one indulgence. Think about what food you consider your “weakness”. For me, it’s fast-food (obviously not healthy). For others, it could be chocolate or chips, or ice cream or Oreos. By only restricting your diet by one unhealthy option, you may find it easier to stick to.
  4. Cook more. This could be a good goal for anyone wanting to save some money, who wants to learn more about cooking, or who wants to gain some kitchen experience. Finding new recipes is super easy. You can either Google or find a recipe website. They’ll tell you everything you need to know to cook your meal. If you’re a more visual learner, YouTube has great cooking channels that walk you through cooking meals, step-by-step.

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Written by GUADS staff member Toni 

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