Running in the Dog Days of Summer

            Summer is a perfect time to get up and run in the great outdoors. The beginning of summer is cool and comfortable, giving you a chance to truly enjoy nature. Once the dog days of summer hit, heat and humidity become excessive, but you still want to run outside.


Running can be tough battling the summer heat, but the question is when to run? It is best to avoid the midday heat. Running in the middle of the day will result in you running during the hottest part of the day making it extremely difficult on your heart rate, blood pressure, and your breathing. If you are a morning person, get on up and get your run in before the sun is beaming down on you. However, if you are not a morning person, it is best to go ahead and plan your run for later in the evening when the sun is going down along with the temperature.



I know we as runners hate to see our pace slowing down but that is okay. When you are running in high humidity or high temperatures it is a good thing to slow down your pace. Depending on your running experience and if you are acclimated to the heat you can drop your pace anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds per mile. As temperatures continue to rise, your pace can slow by up to 20%. These runs are not going to be your record breakers so slow down a little bit, enjoy the run, and enjoy the views around you.



In the summer when you have those long distance runs scheduled it is important to plan your route. When you are planning those routes think about where you will be able to rehydrate. Plan your run around places where you will be able to refill your water bottles or stop in and get a drink of water. Lastly, if possible, plan your routes in areas that are shaded to keep your body temperature lower to help prevent from over heating.



Sometimes when we’re outside running, we don’t realize the sun exposure like we would if we were lying on the beach or by the pool. However, the same UVA and UVB rays that can be damaging to our skin and eyes during vacation and relaxation can affect us during exercise. Choose a sunscreen that is an appropriate SPF but is sweat resistant as well to ensure that you will be protected from that blazing sun.

Written by GUADS staff member Patrick.

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