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Seriously, Have Gym Etiquette.

Proper Gym Etiquette

When starting your fitness journey at a gym it is important to know the in and out’s of proper gym etiquette. Proper gym etiquette will help you get settled into a new gym as well as build new friendships and workout partners. Gym etiquette may sound like a simple thing and guess what….IT IS!

Don’t Slam the Weights:

When lifting whether you are on a machine or using free weights there is no need to slam your weights or let them drop until they hit the other weight causing a loud noise. Controlling the weight on the way back also known as the eccentric contraction does in fact build a lot of muscle like the concentric contraction so by not controlling your weight down you are losing some of the benefits. So, have some gym etiquette and don’t let your weights slam.

Re-racking your Weights:

Yes, it is impressive that you can bench press 275lbs but it is even more annoying when you don’t take that weight off and put it back after you’re done. Re-racking your weights after you’re finished with them is like putting the scissors back in the drawer at your house. Just because you can bench press 275lbs doesn’t mean the next person can. They may not even be able to pick up the 45lbs plates to put them back and then can’t use the machine. So, have some gym etiquette and simply be courteous of others that will be using the machine after you and put your weight back so that they can use it.

Phone Usage:

Look, we’ve all been there. Sitting on a machine in between sets looking at our phone answering a text, hopping on Facebook or looking at random pictures of dogs on Instagram. There are multiple people there working out and they could possibly be performing a similar workout and waiting for the machine that you are on. It will be very frustrating for another person waiting for a machine that you are on for 10 plus minutes simply because you are on your phone for 3 minutes doing nothing. When you are on a piece of equipment, use proper gym etiquette; hop on, perform your reps, and limit the phone usage so that the next person can get on and continue their workout.


In the end, it is simple to embrace proper gym etiquette. Be courteous the others around you, put your weights back, and limit the time on your phone. Also on the other hand if someone is on a machine don’t ask, “How much longer do you have?”. All you need to ask is “how many sets do you have left or do you mind if I work in?”. Good luck on your fitness journey!

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