Sidewalk Challenge!

Are you finding it hard to get or even stay active? That’s okay. I’ve tried this activity with the family I babysit for, and the kids love it. It’s called the sidewalk challenge! It is great for kids but it can also be modified for individuals of any age. The only supplies you will need for this activity is chalk. It is that simple.

At this point, it’s up to you to get creative and make a “course” for someone to go through. Recently, this challenge has been trending on social media, especially TikTok, because of the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. The sidewalk challenge is a way for families to get outside while still following the rules of social distancing.

Trying It Out

I recently set up a course for my parents to try. And I’ll be honest, they thought this idea was ridiculous when I first mentioned it to them. The theme of my sidewalk challenge was physical fitness. I started by making the first sidewalk block a stretching block. The following four blocks were for frog leaps. This required my family to leap on all fours, like a frog, from block to block. After that, the next set of blocks asked them to complete fifteen burpees. The next block was dedicated to a 30-second break.

After completing a ton of sidewalk blocks, I pushed them even more. The next set was dedicated to abs. First, they had to do 40 crunches. Then they had to complete two, 30-second planks. After that, they had to complete 100 Russian twists. Once they completed abs, it was time for the final set: legs. For the leg section, they first had to perform 30 regular squats. Next, they had to complete 20
lunges on each leg. Then they had to get on their hands and knees and perform the “fire hydrant” exercise (this one made me laugh).

Finally, (god bless them) they had to do 25 burpees, which was the hardest for them to complete.

This is just one example of a sidewalk challenge to get my family out of the house and for them to get active. Go outside, get creative, and have fun with this challenge!

Written by GUADS Intern with contributions from TikTok and

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