Skip Class: Try At-Home Yoga

I’m sure, at this point, we all know what yoga is. We know what it looks like and we all probably have that one friend who isĀ obsessed with it. To be honest, they’re on to something. Yoga can benefit our bodies in so many ways. However, not everyone feels comfortable going to a class or exercises in front of others. That’s okay! I might have a solution for you: at-home yoga.

Yes…I’m telling you to skip class, save your money, and exercise in the comfort of your own home. About two years ago, I was looking for a way to exercise at home. Whether that was in the morning, as a way to wake up, or a mid-day energy pick-up. My roommate is actually the one who encouraged me to try yoga by following along with guided yoga videos.

Doing yoga by yourself might be intimidating if you’re not comfortable with it, to begin with. That’s the genius behind following videos. Luckily, there are countless youtube channels where yoga instructors explain the movements, stretches, and proper form. After a while, you’ll become comfortable with going through the movements.

Yoga Channels I Like:

Adriene is one of the most popular yoga pages on Youtube. Some examples of her videos are: “Yoga for Runners”, “Office Break Yoga”, and “Slow & Gentle Yoga”.

Tim is another popular page. He has videos that vary in length, so you can always find a session that fits into your schedule.

Kassandra is one of my favorites! One of the best things about her channel is that she has playlists based on the style of yoga. So once you find a yoga style that you enjoy doing, you can continually do that style without having to find another channel.

Just to Reiterate

The benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, increased muscle tone, improved energy levels, and increased protection from injury.

Yoga’s great to wake you up in the morning, as a mid-day pick-up, or to relax you before bed. Again, there’s nothing wrong with going to classes, but sometimes being in a comfortable environment makes all the difference!

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