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Slow Your Roll: Enjoy Traveling

Traveling is underrated in my opinion. Specifically, road trips. They don’t have to be quiet, boring, and never-ending. Instead of looking at it as a burden, you can make it fun. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’re still going to have to spend hours in the car, but throughout the drive, there’s a bunch of things you can do to avoid having your legs fall asleep or your butt going numb.

Long-Distance Traveling

Whether your trip is four hours, nine hours, or more, here are some ideas to ease your travel burden.

Before we get into it, hear me out. It’s quite easy to fall victim to tunnel vision when driving for long periods of time. The more breaks you’re able to take, where you do things that appeal to you, the more you’ll enjoy your time and surroundings.

  1. Plan ahead. The best way to have a problem-free trip is to plan. Think about rest-stops, overlooks, food…anything that can help break up the trip, that will also allow you to move around a little.
  2. Take breaks. Most people try to get their long-distance travel over with as fast as possible. Let’s be real, sitting for what feels like all day, is not fun. Taking breaks and stepping out of the car gives your body and mind a chance to “reset” a little before continuing.
    • I get that you probably don’t haveĀ a ton of extra time, but set aside an hour or two for breaks.
    • For example, I used to have a five-hour drive to get to school during my undergrad. I drove by this one rest-stop that was also an overlook every time. During one of my drives, my legs were dead and I was bored out of my mind, so I decided to stop. I may have only spent 20-30 minutes there, but I was able to walk around, wake-up, and enjoy my surroundings.

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(Beautifullll, I know right)

When you focus less on the time, and these long car rides will feel less daunting. You don’t have to sit all day if you don’t want to. Just take a break, walk around, and embrace the fact that you’re traveling and get to see new things! Walking around for a little bit is better than nothing, right?

Written by GUADS staff member ToniĀ 

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