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Some Fall Fun

Tomorrow’s the first day of October, and I’m here to give you some ideas on how to have some fun this fall. This is season is known for having perfect weather. With the weather on your side, you have the perfect excuse to get outside and get moving.

Solo Activities

Sometimes getting out by yourself can be therapeutic. You have the opportunity to indulge in something that you really enjoy.

  1. Plant spring bulbs: Planting bulbs is really easy. It’s a way to get outside and enjoy the weather. You should plant them when it’s between 40-50 degrees at night, and when March comes around, you can watch your flower bloom.
  2. Hiking: Even though you can hike with others, sometimes hiking by yourself is more enjoyable. Check out our last post about where/how to find hiking trails around you. http://www.guads.org/find-a-new-place-to-get-moving/
  3. Biking: You could go mountain biking, or if that’s not your speed, try a bike ride around the neighborhood. It can be a leisurely ride if you want–what really matters is that your moving!
  4. Yard Work: Okay, so this might not be the most fun activity, but it’s a good calorie burner. Whether its raking leaves, weeding, trimming trees, you’ll get a full-body workout in.

Family & Friend Activites

What’s even better than doing something fun by yourself? Inviting your friends or family to come along with you.

  1. Visit a U-Pick farm: Since fall is harvest season, there’s plenty of apples, pears, and blackberries to go around. Grab a friend and pick as much fruit as you can carry home. The best things about U-Pick farms is that you can pick the fruit exactly how you like it.
  2. Run a 5K/Marathon: Running is way easier to do when the summer heat subsides. Participating in races is also a good way to stay in shape.
  3. Corn Maze: No, corn mazes aren’t just for kids. If you bring a couple of friends along, you can make it a race.
  4. Pumpkin Picking: This is especially fun to do with your family. Afterward, you can go home and carve your pumpkins together.
  5. Visit National Parks: A great time to go visit these “tourist attractions” is when school is back in session. If you’ve been wanting to go visit a national park, now would be your chance!

Written by GUADS staff member Toni with contributions from www.bitesofwellness.com

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