Spring Back Into Fitness

Sticking with your fitness routine in the winter is difficult, but spring is finally here! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the temperature is starting to climb, and bathing suit season is around the corner! It is now the perfect time to get back into shape… but where and how to start?

Treat Yourself:

Nothing like spring cleaning out your closet. Throw away or donate some of those old clothes and treat yourself to some new fitness clothes or even some new shoes to get you started. Having something new to wear is great motivation to get up and out to the gym or exercising outside.

Grab a Friend:

If you are a person that just hates exercising, find a friend and push each other. Having someone to exercise with will help keep you accountable, help you learn new exercises from each other, or push each other to try that class together. Working out with someone and getting to spend some extra time with them can make the transition back to fitness so much easier.

Set Realistic Goals:

Setting big goals to accomplish by spring break can leave you feeling defeated, which can result in giving up altogether. Set realistic goals that can be achieved week by week to get you started and back on track again. Accomplishing these small goals will keep you motivated towards that overall goal.

Choose What Works For You:

Fitness should be about something that you enjoy. Whether that is group classes, lifting 1,000 lbs, running, yoga, or whatever it is, make sure that you enjoy doing it. When you are re-establishing your fitness routine, it will be a lot easier to adopt if you are going to do something that you enjoy. Once you are back in that routine, then that’s the time to branch out and try some different things to push yourself further in your journey.


Even if you made it through the winter exercising consistently, make sure to warm-up before each workout. This will get the heart pumping, blood moving, and prevent injuries as you are getting back into the swing of things. Break a little sweat by the end of your warm-up and go crush your workout.


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