SUP Dude?!

Here at Get Up and Do Something, we’re all about finding ways to get active and healthy in an innovative and interesting manner. Because let’s face it, sweating it out in the gym isn’t always sunshine and daisies. Fitness can (and should) be fun sometimes! Luckily, summer is the perfect time to get up, get moving, and stay active. One of my favorite outdoor summer activities? Stand-Up Paddleboarding! Often abbreviated to ‘SUP’ for short, stand up paddleboarding resembles surfing. However, instead of riding the waves, you use a paddle (hence paddleboarding) to propel yourself through the water. Sure, it SOUNDS easy enough. But turns out, SUP-ing is a total body workout! Here’s why you should consider giving it a shot!

1. It Builds Core Strength

SUP-ing requires you to fully engage each and every core muscle. The first time I went paddleboarding, I felt like I had just held a plank to an hour and a half. It’s a killer ab workout – more fun AND more effective than crunches.

2. It’s a Total Body Workout

Not only does SUP-ing work your core, but it also engages every major muscle group in your body. Your legs help you stabilize while your arms, shoulders, and back muscles move the paddle through the water. Everything is constantly at work to keep you balanced and moving.

3. It Provides Stress Relief

Exercise is a great stress reliever, we all know that. However, stand-up paddleboarding provides another advantage: you’re outside, on the water, and in the sunshine. The soothing sound of the water beneath your board and the soft cries of seagulls in the air – what more could you want?

4. You Can Do Yoga on It

You’ve gotta walk before you can run, but once you get the hang out stand-up paddleboarding, challenge yourself by doing some yoga on your board! I’ve gone to several SUP yoga classes and they were so fun. If you thought balancing postures were hard in a regular yoga class, just wait until you do them while balancing on a board and while fighting the current!

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