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Take a Stand

Are you sitting down right now? If so, how long have you been sitting for? A half hour, an hour, maybe two? Like most of us, you probably spend a majority of your day parked in a chair (eating, driving, homework, Netflix, etc.). Unfortunately, all those minutes start to add up! No matter how active you are, sitting less is extremely important. This “sedentary activity” may lead to increased risk of chronic illness such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. It also wrecks havoc on your joints and muscles. You know that achy feeling you get after sitting for too long? It’s not a good sign! Here are some tips for getting off your rear!

1. Set Reminders

Set an alarm for every 30 minutes to an hour. Alarm goes off, you stand up! Walk around, do a few stretches, do jumping jacks, you get the picture. Bonus points if you fill up your reusable water bottle while you’re at it!

2. Stand While You Work

Writing a paper? Studying? Typing up a report? Use a standing desk (or a makeshift one) and complete the task.

3. Park Far Away

This one is simple, yet so hard! While it’s super convenient and exciting when you get a close parking spot, parking further away is an easy strategy to get more steps in.

4. Commercial Time = Move Time

No one likes commercials, right? While you’re watching your favorite show and the commercials start to play, use the opportunity to move around your house. Clean, do some squats, play with your dog, etc.

5. Walk and Talk

Gotta make a quick phone call? Take this opportunity to get some steps in.

6. Take the Stairs

Unless you live on the 10th floor and are carrying 30 lbs. of groceries, take the stairs! Burn calories, move more, sit less!


Just think – an extra hour of standing burns about 150 calories. Make sure yours add up!


Written by GUADS staff member Angelina with contributions from heartfoundation.orgĀ 

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