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Thank You For The Advice, May I Have Some More….

If you’re anything like me or have ever been to a gym, you’ve probably gotten a ton of advice about fitness from a lot of people. From all of that advice, whether or not you asked for it, some of it may be worthwhile to listen to, but how do you determine which? Being a personal trainer, I’m always walking around the gym and hearing a ton of conversations about what you should be doing, how much you should lift, much of the advice given is full of these myths:


-No Pain No Gain: Exercise should never be painful.

-Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky: Simply put, this is just false.

-It Worked For Me So It Will Work For You: Well, if this unsolicited advice is given to you from someone who thinks they know because they’re in the gym everyday and you are annoyed by it, you’re correct. Everyone is different.

-You Need to Lift Weights Everyday: Taking a break will let your muscles recover and you will become stronger from that rest.


Advice isn’t all bad though even if you’re not asking for it. If someone comes up to you and asks to give you help genuinely about form, technique or anything else, they may be just trying to help. As a trainer, the last thing I want is for you to get hurt, so here is some advice to take with you going into the gym:


-Listen To Your Body: If something is hurting, listen to it. Take a break, come back, and try again. If something feels weird or you’re questioning that unsolicited advice, ask a trainer at your gym, and they will help you.

-Downtime and Rest: Rest is key. Take some time off from the gym and find something that you enjoy. This could be hiking, cycling, gardening or anything that keeps you active and moving on those important rest days.

-Consistency: I know I just said to take rest. From a consistency standpoint, keep a schedule that keeps you going. Don’t let that rest day throw you off course and turn into a week recovery.

-Be True To You: Don’t let someone tell you what to do. If you don’t enjoy it, then don’t do it. Find something that you enjoy, Fitness isn’t just about getting ripped and strong. Find yourself and be happy with your fitness.


Written by GUADS staff member Patrick with contributions from www.unionfitness.com 

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