The Power of “Miracle Juice”

Juicing has become a huge phenomenon in recent years. Almost everyone is loving refreshing green juices loaded with vitamins and minerals. Whether you’re getting your fresh juices at a new juice café or making some at home with your own juicer, it has become the new craze for recent health gurus. If you haven’t heard of the infamous celery juice craze, what are you doing? People are going crazy over the benefits of fresh celery juice every morning.

It all began from a man named Anthony William known as the Medical Medium. He has been juicing celery for years and claims it to have loads of benefits. People are swearing by his method, but it is important to follow his guidelines for juicing celery and not
get caught up in the countless articles and videos on the internet with their own guidelines for celery juicing.

If you want to know the basic “how-to” of juicing celery by the Medical Medium himself, I have broken it down into some helpful tips to get you started…

Juicing 101

  1. Drink it on an empty stomach. Drinking celery juice on an empty stomach allows it to utilize the pathogen killing properties and
    get into the gut, liver, and other organs of the body that need healing and cleansing most effectively.
  2. Shoot for a minimum of 16 oz. Try to drink a minimum of 16 ounces of fresh celery juice every morning for maximum effectiveness and benefits. Celery juice can change bowel movements so if you feel 16 oz is too much to start with, start with 8 ounces and increase as your body becomes familiar with it.
  3. Do not add other ingredients- juice ONLY fresh celery. According to the Medical Medium, you should not add anything to your celery juice. This includes other vegetables, lemon, and even ice and water. He says this is because by adding other ingredients, the sodium cluster salts become neutralized diffusing the power and healing properties the celery juice holds.
  4. Be consistent. The Medical Medium suggests staying consistent with your 16 ounces of fresh celery juice every morning to see the best healing benefits.

These 4 simple tips break down the basic rules of drinking celery juice. The Medical Medium suggests trying celery juice for individuals suffering from any type of chronic disease, however, there are so many benefits to this “miracle juice” that everyone should try it out if they want to see results in their health.
He claims drinking celery juice every morning can heal the gut, lower cholesterol, decrease inflammation in the body, improve digestion, lower allergic responses, improve acne, strengthen the immune system and so much more!

It’s just celery, so it can’t hurt to give it a try!

Written by Emily Pawloski with contributions from

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