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Wellness Festivals: What They Have to Offer

Lately, I’ve been seeing a new trend come across my feed and searches. Wellness festivals? Never heard of them. From all the pictures I’ve seen, they look enticing. So, I decided to look into what a wellness festival really entails.

First: What are wellness festivals?

Wellness festivals are an opportunity to travel, meet new people, and get in touch with your health. There’s no set “agenda” to these events–think of them like music festivals. Some music festivals are considered more EDM while others are considered rap and pop. Wellness festivals are the same way. One wellness festival could be more focused on nutrition while another could be more exercise-based.

These festivals are also an introduction to being more self-aware. Think about all the “health” information that’s all over the internet. It can be overwhelming, confusing, and misleading. Right? Wellness festivals create an environment where specific topics are presented and discussed.

Second: What the Environment Like?

Some festivals are free, others aren’t. They take place all over the world, so you have the opportunity to travel or stay local.

There’s so much to do when attending a wellness festival; there’s seminars, workshops, classes, music, artists, food vendors–literally everything.

Here’s what some look like:

Wanderlust Experience: This festival takes place all over the world (Hawaii, Mexico, Japan, Chile, plus more). They offer guided yoga/meditations classes, hike/biking programs, seminars, music, and local food vendors.

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Wilderness Festival: This festival takes place in the UK. They offer many music performers, live comedy shows, seminars, pilates, yoga, dance classes, swimming, rock climbing, and many food vendors.

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The GOOD Fest: This festival is a pop-up, so they take place anywhere in the US. They focus on “experiencing good vibes, connecting with the community, and inspiring change”. They offer food vendors, seminars, panels, meditation, a marketplace, and networking.

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Wellness festivals are not meant to be life-changing. They’re meant to give you take-away lessons that you can integrate into your life.

Written by GUADS member Toni

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