What’s the Deal With Celery Juice?

You may have been seeing this uncommon trend popping up all over social media. With over 400,000 posts on Instagram and its own hashtag, celery juice seems to be all the rage in the wellness community. Experts claim that the juice contains beneficial bioactives and vitamins, while also helping with high blood pressure, inflammation and gut health. Is it really worth the hype?

The “Celery Movement”

Anthony William, a natural food cure author also known as the “Medical Medium,” has claimed that drinking at least 16 oz of celery juice in the morning provides potent healing properties to create “sweeping improvements” for a plethora of health issues. These include improvement in gut health, clearing skin and flushing out viruses. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell and Busy Phillips have sworn by this practice, which is most likely why it has blown up all over social media. What the average person may not know is that William has no medical license or nutrition certification, rather he relies on his “ability to read people’s medical diagnoses.”

The Nutrition

A “superfood” is a food that contains 20% or more of the daily value of a nutrient. Celery juice is particularly high in Vitamin K, providing about 23% of your daily value. In comparison to leafy greens like kale and swiss chard that can pack almost 300% of your daily value, celery juice doesn’t quite seem to fit this definition.

The Research

Conversely, studies have found that celery juice does pack a powerful antioxidant punch that may be linked to increased fertility and lowering blood sugar and lipid levels. Additionally, a 2017 review of celery studies found that the flavonoid and polyphenol content may be linked to reducing inflammation, cancer risk and diabetes.  Like most trends, further research on the benefits and the quantity needed to obtain these benefits needs to be done before making any conclusive statements.

The Bottom Line

No single food can be the “cure” for any illness. Unfortunately, there’s no magic ingredient in juiced celery that can fix any health issues you may be experiencing. For the most part, drinking celery juice is safe and won’t have any drawbacks to daily consumption. It’s low in sugar and provides vitamins and antioxidants that may have a protective effect, so it can be a healthy addition to a balanced diet and a great way to stay hydrated.

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