Where Should I Be Getting My Meal Plans

With social media and online social networks being extremely popular the exchange of all sorts of information has become easier than ever, nutrition information included. Social media influencers have become a source of information for example. Their followers will go to them to gain more knowledge on whatever it is that they may be marketing.

Strong is the new sexy, and this motto is inspiring many individuals to engage in healthier lifestyles. This encourages these individuals to to go out and gather any and all information they can, to help them achieve their health and physical goals.

Advice and Suggestions

There are many educated and knowledgeable individuals out there yes. Not all of them are legally able to provide certain nutrition information. Certain individuals such as personal trainers, health coaches, and other non-registered dietician (RD) health professionals can offer nutrition advice, educational information, and suggestions to their clients. There are actually no nationwide laws restricting who can and cannot deliver nutrition advice. What they cannot do is prescribe diets and supplements to treat medical or clinical conditions or the symptoms of these conditions. For example, a personal trainer that is not also a registered dietician cannot prescribe their client a meal plan to treat their obesity.

So Who Can?

If you would like to receive a meal plan for certain medical conditions you should be obtaining this from the proper resources. This may be a physician (though even some physicians are not providing patients with the best information) or a registered dietician.

Another very important takeaway is to remember that not everything is for everyone. Remember this when you see your favorite Instagram model or fitness influencer with the body, strength, endurance etc that you want on your timeline. You may not be able to reach your goal by doing what they do or eating what they eat. Doing what they do or eating what they eat may also not even be the way to reach your goals.

Everyone is an individual. Remember to do what is best for you, and obtain your nutrition information from the proper resources.


Article written by GUADS member Breanna


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