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Winter Workout Blues

If you’re anything like me, you hate running on the treadmill or you are stuck inside for every single workout.  It feels like your workout is going on and on while your looking outside the window thinking “I want to be outside”. Well you can be and you should be. Exercising outdoors will get rid of those winter workout blues by reconnecting you with nature, boosting your energy, and improving your mental status by simply making you smile. Here are my most important tips to help you get back outside and over those winter workout blues.


Dress Dry and Warm

Drying warm in the winter is known to be important but dressing dry is just as if not more important. The winter is is damp and wet so dressing dry for you workouts outside is a must.  Wearing clothes that absorb sweat and moisture will cause your body temperature to decrease. Wear clothes like the summer that are wicking material that will help keep you warm.


Layer-Up to Layer-Down

Like dressing dry layering up and layering down is important to regulate body temperature. As you become warmer during your workout, remember to shed those layers. If you’re going to workout outside the house go ahead and wear anything that will keep you warm. For you runners out there going on long distance runs, take a quick trip to Goodwill and find some clothes that will work that you won’t mind ditching.


Warm-Up Inside

Take 5-10 minutes and warm-up indoors. This is shown to help you continue exercising outdoors because you will already be warm when you step outside which in turn, will make it feel warmer outside. Whatever your warm-up is go ahead, stay indoors, get ready, and enjoy the cold outdoors.



During the Winter you will not feel as thirsty from your workouts as you would from the Summer or Spring. Although you may not feel as thirsty, it is recommended to hydrate just as much as the standard 16-20 ounces per hour. If you have to, try setting a timer to remind yourself to keep hydrating.

Written by GUADS staff member Patrick with contributions from www.active.com

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