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Consider All Areas of Wellness

Health and wellness has become the new trend. The fitness industry has been increasing in popularity, with a huge focus on diet and physical activity. Everyone wants to eat healthy, be strong, and look strong, but let’s not forget other areas of wellness!

Complete Wellness

The idea of complete wellness is sometimes forgotten. Many of us forget about all of the other aspects of wellness that create balance in our lives. Not only is there physical wellness which is very important, but there is also financial, environmental, environmental, social, emotional, and spiritual. In order to reach optimal wellness, these other areas need to be satisfied as well.


One way to do so is to reflect on each individual area of life that creates balance. There is a wellness wheel activity where individuals can rate each area of wellness on a scale of 1 – 10 according to level of satisfaction with that area. It is always nice to address the positives first. After rating each area reflection can start with the areas of wellness that you are most satisfied with. You can think about what resources help to increase that satisfaction and how it feels to be satisfied in each of these areas. The areas that are ranked the lowest, or ones that stand out the most are the ones to address next. These may be areas that you might want to set goals around or focus on improving. The most important area and area you are most confident in is one of the best places to start.


Again, all of the different areas of wellness are interconnected; One area affects another. This connection is what creates balance and a well-rounded life. Though your physical wellness is very important we must make sure we are taking into account all of the different dimensions of wellness.

As a “take home activity” try out the wellness wheel activity yourself. Are you balanced?



Article written by GUADS member Breanna

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