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Diets Are Not One Size Fits All

And I repeat, diets are not one size fits all. When I say diets I am talking about nutrition in general. If you go into a room filled with 50 people and ask each individual what they think is the best or healthiest way to eat, I’m sure there will be at least ten different answers to that question. You will have people that say you’re able to eat six eggs a day seven days a week, and people that say animal products are bad to consume overall. Likewise, you might have someone say carbohydrates are the worst thing for you, while the others say they’re the best.

Everyone Is An Individual

Everyone is an individual at the end of the day. What is good for one may not be good for many, and what is good for many is definitely not good for all. Someone who is in a bikini contest will not have the same diet as someone simply just trying to lose ten pounds. Similarly, to the average person there is a difference in healthy and unhealthy carbohydrates. To someone who may be diabetic a carb is a carb and though one more aggressive than the other it all needs to be limited even the good.

Change A Simple Habit & Start There

This idea is what causes many debates and confusion when it comes to health and nutrition. Everyone thinks that there is one thing that is best for everyone. One way to avoid this is starting with goals. Change a simple habit, and start from that point. Figure out what your goal is and then do research from there. Try different methods and continue until you are able to find what works for YOU. Whether it is calorie count, portion size, or meal amounts. Achieving health and wellness is a journey, and obtained through learning experiences. Everyone has different body types, genetics, schedules, medical history. Find what works for YOU.


Written by GUADS staff member Breanna, with contributions fromĀ lifehacker.com andĀ eatthis.com

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