Not the Freshmen-15, but the “Quarantine-15”

Understandably so, we’re all a little worried about our overall health during social distancing. Especially because gyms are closed, many parks are closed, grocery stores just don’tĀ seem overly safe…the list of changes can go on and on. One of the biggest changes has taken place right in our homes. Our kitchens and pantries are now just steps away from our “home offices”. Simply put, this means that snacks and temptations are literally right around the corner.

How to Avoid the Quarantine-15

  • Focus on eatingĀ and purchasing nutritious foods. Step one: don’t shop while hungry. Whenever I shop when I’m hungry I grab, 1) way too many things, and 2) way more junk food. Then, when you’re at home, you’ll have the food you need; not want. Another good reason to focus on nutritious food right now is that we don’t need lots of calorie-dense foods because we aren’t doing as much during the day.
  • Portion control. We don’t have to pack lunches or take breakfast on-the-go anymore. Because of this, eating from the bag or container is way more common now. When you don’t portion out food, odds are that you’ll eat more. I don’t mean that every time you want to eat you should be measuring or weighing your food. I mean that you should put your food or snacks on a plate or bowl so that when it’s empty, you’re done.
  • Eat only when you’re hungry. Odds are, even if you’re doing your best to stay active, it’s not at the same level as before. For this reason, you don’t need to eat as much.
  • Do what you gotta do. For some people, they need to throw out junk food or those go-to snacks to be able to eat more healthy. Other people just need to go through their food and take a mental note of what’s available. The trick to eating healthy, isn’t a “one size fits all”, it’s definitely an individualistic thing. And since we have the time, try a couple of things to see what works best for you.

Written by GUADS staff member Toni with contributions from

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